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 Sonic the Hedghog Unleashed

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Sonic the Hedghog Unleashed Empty
PostSubject: Sonic the Hedghog Unleashed   Sonic the Hedghog Unleashed I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2009 5:09 am

Well as i have had alot going on the past 4 months been slipping on my reveiws so if you guys could help out id appreciate it. So as far as sonice is concerned yup better then the last one, although after a little bit i got real bored with it. It also has an rpg effect to it where u can actually apply skill points to the charcteristics of dark sonic and day sonice. Nice but not enough to keep the intrest into this one for me. day sonic is pretty much as we have all known to love and know sonic but once he transforms so does the game to a more action adventure style game. Its definatley worth checking out but i would rent it not a game ur gonna replay alot. and the graphics are the normal cartoony sonic graphics ur used to. Wasnt real impressed in fact to be honost i would much perfer the older sonic games be remade instead of ruining the title. that is just my opionian though.Have fun.
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Sonic the Hedghog Unleashed
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