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 Prince of Persia

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PostSubject: Prince of Persia   Prince of Persia I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2009 5:14 am

This game i was very sad to actually finalley get my hands on after such a long wait. This is by far the worst prince of persia ever made point blank period . for one there is no possiable way to lose the game or even die cant even fall of the ledge no death by enemies. It all around sucks. Half the time while going through the game there is so much flying and randomness to it you havent a clue where your going next. There is no RPG feel to this game at all what so ever anymore which i mean come on thats what made the title to begin with sadley alot of games coming to the newer consoles our losing their originality which totally destroys the game i mean if its not the same just make a new game dont title it after a classic. i played this game for twelves hours then sold it immediatly the same day. although the story line starts out decent the overall game just sucks. the graphics were mildly impreesive but not enough to hold the intrest level. If you want to play it again this is another game i would recommand renting not worth the 60 dollors.But as always have fun.
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Prince of Persia
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