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 The God Father II

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The God Father II Empty
PostSubject: The God Father II   The God Father II I_icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 4:51 pm

Okay well as for this game. The graphics where nothing that amazing. The best way to describe this game is yet another grand theft auto style game. The main story line to this game is not very long. Also i think i only seen maybe 12 differant cars in this game total and the driving is very slow and very annoying luckily you dont do much of it in this due to it not having missions u must drive in . The easiest way to describe what you do do in this game is those of you that are famlier with the taking over of strongholds in grand theft auto and saints row well basiclley thats all this game is taking over business crime rings and rackets, its all assualt missions. you build your crime faimly with two capos a underboss and 4 peons, lol . while ur taking over places the computer will send there men to take over places you own and bomb them burn them down things like this each time you gain control of somewhere new you place gaurds at the location to protect it also you can send any member from your faimly to help protect it at anytime. theres hidden guns all through the game fully customize weapons cloths and skills of any members in your faimly and yourself . also people have differant skills in this youll need such as arson, medics, demolitions, safe crackers, engineers that u need to due certian things like cut through fences or cut power to alarms before raiding them or blow up doors or holes through walls. The online play is just the same the have deathmatch and a variety of skill pacific matchs and you can earn upgrades for your faimly members by playing online in fact this is how u make them better. its prety fun but definatley in a GTA way except you can use cover almost anywhere. ill definatly be playing it some more here and there.
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The God Father II
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