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 Xmen Origians <wolverine>

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PostSubject: Xmen Origians <wolverine>   Xmen Origians <wolverine> I_icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2009 6:43 pm

Well as some of you know i havent took off again just grabbing some trophies and checking out new games. I was impressed with this one it was alot of fun . The graphics were decent but the gameplay is nice. I heard rumors of there being an online mode or something with a download but i couldnt find the download anywhere i looked so im not sure. Plenty of things to upgrade in this game as far as damage and length of times for specials and so forth. And there is a few guest apperances part of the story line from such charcters as sabertooth and gambit for those of you who know anything about comics. I wasnt much impressed with the gambit charcter tho while holding true to the special ability this charcter has and special sayings or lines this charcter uses it didnt much at all look anything like the gambit from the original comics which was a bit disspointing well to me anyway. I used to be a big X-men fan. The length of the game is decent , the fighting is very fluid and very much like the wolverine we know and love from the claw spins to the lungeing from one enemy to the next through incredible distances also a berserk special as we all know wolverine has some anger issues lol. plenty of blood and dismembered bodies in this game as well thats always a favorite. Im curious to see if the continue the origins line and do a peice on each of the several x-men charcters and there origin that would kick ass and give us at least 20 games and movies to look forward too. Also there is a New marvel Ultimate Alliance game coming out the first one was fun and gave u the choice of alot of charcters each with there own special abilities to level up. and had alot of replay abaility. Cant wait to see the second which i beleive will make its debut around septemeber . Unfourtiantley as much fun as i had playing this i do see me going through it again so its definatley one to rent and not to purchase to we see what they intend to do with the orgin series. have fun.
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Xmen Origians <wolverine>
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