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 UFC Undisputed

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PostSubject: UFC Undisputed   UFC Undisputed I_icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2009 6:53 pm

Well who isnt a fan of UFC now a days it hit the world like a wildfire and in the last ten years has became very close to the most popular sport in the world and indeed is in certian areas. The game has many many classic UFC heros that we all know or have heard of at least chuck liddel , Rampage Jackson, Forest Griffin , Anderson Silvia they are all here 89 of them i beleive. As for the graphics they are acceptable but could be much improved on the cuts and gashs look very nice tho. lol. each charcter holds specific to there real life moves strengths and weakness's. there is no cross class fighting u must fight charcters in your weight class the career mode gives u a good idea of what this real life ufc fighters go through and how much training and excercise is really involved with the sport this makes the career mode a little slow at times. The one thing i didnt like to much about this game is the transition stages of ground postioning. in an intense battle it is very difficult to move ur charcter from one postion to the other and sometimes doesnt work at all so u have no idea if ur doing it right or not and the tutorial will tell u the differant motions to do it, but doesnt give u a specific for what one works it does depend on what postion ur in and finding the right one might cost you the fight its a pain in the ass but very exciting untill u snap a controller as i did in frustration at this one. This offers the most difficult online battles i have played of any game and everyone is differant cuz of the large number of fighters and each person using them fights a little differant. This is a game however that i would recommend everyone buy that plays with a bunch of people in real life not over the net or for parties and such i mean who doesnt enjoy a good beat down every now and then, lol. Put ur money where ur mouth is bitch. lol. I will indeed be playing this off and on till the next one arrives , ive just never been beat so much at any game, lol. its fun check it out.
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UFC Undisputed
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