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 Fight Night Round 4

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Fight Night Round 4 Empty
PostSubject: Fight Night Round 4   Fight Night Round 4 I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 4:30 pm

This game was a long awaited title and the first game to feature Mike tyson since his own game on nintindo, which was changed from the orginal name of mike tyson's punchout to just simply punchout after some of the criminal problems he had in his past. The game play was nice and smooth, punchs arent glitchy or anything as they are on some of the other boxing titles such as DON KINGS waste of money, i mean fighting game. The added a new feature for counter punchs where it actually slows down a bit and shakes the screen this lets you know when you land an effective counter punch, I like this alot. The Stick control has changed a tiny bit as well as it is now very easy to switch from a head punch to a lower body punch by the simple motion of the stick, however this also increases your risk of throwing the wrong punch at times. The graphics while always outstanding with this game title fall in place again, they are good with just a little bit more effort they could be great. this doesnt take away from the game at all though. Online competition is touch on this title as it was on ufc , this is becouse the ease of lucky button smashing i hate these type of players who have no skill and fight a whole matching throwing the same punch these peoples ruined ufc becouse of that and this game too online play is being ruined this means that this is yet another game that can npot be deemed useful for competition purposes. The story mode to this game while well advanced past previous versions gets a little slow repetitive and boring after awhile. But just as UFC this is a great title to have around for parties or just playing with friends, ill be keeping mine. Have fun.
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Fight Night Round 4
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