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 SOCOM: Confrontation

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PostSubject: SOCOM: Confrontation   SOCOM: Confrontation I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 4:48 pm

Well i recently found this game at Buy backs for only 18 dollors and ive not heard very much about it at all. SO i got it. All i have to say is wow. The boards and graphics are amazing compared to other shooters ive played. This game was not entirly finished when it was released due to a money shortage, however this game is finalley picking up and the patch to fix all the glitchs is being released today, if you glitch its automatic death, great. Also coming soon is a Map pack. The only thing that i can find about this game that i dont like is ranked matchs are no Respawn, however this grows on you and adds realism to the game after you get used to it. Matchs arent very long so its not to bad waiting for the next round to respawn. The other feature that will be fixed but has been annoying at times is the hit detection is sometimes off meaning you may put a whole through somones face but it may have registered as a shoulder for them so youll see the hole in there face but the wont die and will still be running around, awesome i know right. The funny part is you can read the book on this game that comes with it and you will see several things in the book that are not yet incorporated into the game. Ive actualley had a couple invitations from a clan who is in the urgentfury leage for this game this is the top leage in the world and allow only twelve clans into it. Well be one eventually. -smile- The clan stuff on this game while more will be added is already amazing you design a clan badge clan tag and clan motto. then you pick your clan colors, and you recive credits for how big your clan is allowing you to promote members to officers theres multi ranking systems and even a clan leaderboard, as well as global and local stats. this game has it all, there is also going to be regular scedualed tournement nights and times and clan ladders and ranking matches. This game is all about clans and tactics. Everyone should check it out, ive seen some of the best gamers here ive ever seen in my life and the game is so real its almost discourging at first cuz its so hard after ou start getting kills though youll never wanna stop. Also i wanted to mention the guns and the attachment features and stuff in this game is amazing everything about it. Just check it out and Have fun.
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SOCOM: Confrontation
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