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 Welcome To Mag

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PostSubject: Welcome To Mag   Welcome To Mag I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 3:15 am

If your new to the clan , Welcome. If not this applies for you too. the main goal of Clan Dark is to obtain enough high level, team oriented players to be recognized as an elite inner-organization in Raven. In Dark's eyes the perfect player is not necessarily the player with the most kills but the one who is willing to sacrifice points for the good of the squad. Players that are part of Clan Dark need to realize that although they may kick ass at Call Of Duty MW2 we are not playing COD and the same strategy will not work. Once the clan has reached the desired size and strength we will create an A and B squad. The A squad will consist of our top players and leaders and B will consist of those looking to compete against A squad for their spots thus always insuring the best players to date on squad A. Squad A will be the competition squad, those good enough to lead and kill in the name of Clan Dark. We are looking to rival Sver and Valors most feared and respected clans. Once the A and B squad are formed their will be leaders appointed and the squad will decide on their own name. Also with the growth of the Clan squads C and D will be created and deployed to mirror the action of squad A and B. @
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Welcome To Mag
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