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 Deadrising <Xbox360>

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PostSubject: Deadrising <Xbox360>   Deadrising <Xbox360> I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 10:11 pm

This game is in a tie for best zombie game of all time with the left 4 dead series. However the generes are differant. Dead rising is an adventure game with alot to offer. There are a ton of unlocks as you play through and your charcter gains experiance, a neat aspect of this game is that each time you play through or die and start over your charcter keeps the experiance and unlocks from the previous play throughs. This game is huge, your basiccly trapped inside a gigantic mall and you are trying to rescue surviors you have a ton of tools to help you through this such as sniper rifles pistols. axes , chain saws, bats, toys, jewlary just about anything you can imagine even shelves and lawn mowers.Also at a later part in the game you even get to ride motercycles and drive vehicles through hordes of zombies that have taken over the mainance tunneles beneath the mall. If your lucky enough to survive the 72 hr mode and escape from the army you will be able to open a 7 day mode giving you 4 extra days in the mall, hmm... what happens then. This game is a classic and i suggest if you dont already own this one grab it up , this one never loses its fun.
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Deadrising <Xbox360>
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