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 Battlefield Bad Company 2 <Xbox360>

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 <Xbox360> Empty
PostSubject: Battlefield Bad Company 2 <Xbox360>   Battlefield Bad Company 2 <Xbox360> I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 22, 2010 10:56 pm

9.5 out of 10. This game is great the graphics are fantastic and what makes them even better is this is the only game that is totalley 100% destructable. If theres a tree you can bring it down if theres a fence you can bring it down, if theres a building you can bring it down. My personal favorite is to find the building the campers we all hate so much are inside and just drive the tank straight through the wall , lol no warning just tank treads and death. Theres a ton of weapons to use in this game too, and specility classes that they are assigned to . Medics can heal, engineers can repair, snipers call in mortors and sensors and assult well it speaks for itself , c-4 and ammo crates on command, this means assult rolls with unlimited ammo and grenades as well as c-4 always, so does the rest of the squad if the assult man is on point. On top of all the destruction and weapons you have the largest assortment of vehicles in a first person shooter ever, boats, jet skis multiple types of tanks, 4 wheelers , multiple jeeps, and as if that isnt enough a couple helicopters. You can fly or parchute out of. The multiplayer maps are slim as of right now but this game is here to stay trust me, its a new classic, this game is setting the bar for all shooters after it, and its setting it very high, this game alone took my intrest from both mag and call of duty. Oh and the servers are lag free 99% of the time connection plays no part in the battle. Dont ask me why Call of duty cant do this shit but you would figure seeing as how battlefield and mag both got it the largest multiplayer shooter of all times needs to step there game up and get some new technology. The story mode on this game is also great but im sure you wont play it much once you check out the multiplayer. Have fun, see you guys in the game ima be on this one for a long time to come.
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Battlefield Bad Company 2 <Xbox360>
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