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PostSubject: Nooooo   Nooooo I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 6:57 am

Got kicked off live last night... I had to get off anyway but yeah...

Leaving to college today. Dont know whats goin on. Probably not bringing the XBOX right now... Might get it set up in the future... I have a feeling that I want it, but right now im not sure how my situation will go since my roommate is bringing a TV, and im not sure how he would like me using it to play xbox all the time lol, and im not sure I trust him or his friends around/using my xbox.

Ive already had problems with one of his little friends on facebook talking shit to me for no reason... Kids are ridiculous.

Room mate says he only plays sports games... (lame)

I dont think we even have cable so there couldnt be anything to watch anyway ... theres WIFI though. I might only be on the clan site for a while and not out there doing work.

(plus the fact that I split the costs of the xbox with my brother, and he bought MW2 with his own money... but he hasnt played it at all recently)
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