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 Baja : Edge of Control

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Baja : Edge of Control Empty
PostSubject: Baja : Edge of Control   Baja : Edge of Control I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2008 6:42 pm

So i been checking out the new Baja game, and it is amongest one of the best racing games of played so far for the PS3 in my opionion. It has everything i like in a racing game, Full customization which they could have immensily improved on, but still alot of fun buying the better parts for your vehicle, although you can not make paint schemes for your vehicles only the ones you buy it with. It has sand, Mud, water, dirt, gravel , a tiny tiny bit of asphalt, all popular with me in a racing games, the terrian is bumpy as shit and releastic as ive seen yet in a game. Some of the jumps are enourmous, you can even pre-load your suspension as some of you already know about from playing 4 wheeler or dirt bike racing games. the graphics while at times extreamley impressive, at others look blocky and choppy this however doesnt take away from the game much at all. Realistic damage makes for some fun racing, panels fly off, suspension hoses bust, oil pressure blows, raditors fly off if you roll your vehicle hard, even just taking a rouch path around the course may result in damage. The one thing that i wasnt much impressed with is the online leaderboards, unless your looking for a leader on a particular track they are totalley useless, theres no overall leaderboard all dived to individual tracks, and then once again divided down into car class's. They realy blew it with that one, its ashame. no friend invites that ive seen, and alot of times you jump into a room thats already racing in progress and each room is only a one race room so you can sit there and watch the race bbut that is all. Nevertheless the game is great fun, challenging and although i wont play it online, the career mode is worth playing the game. if you like off road racing youll love this game.
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Baja : Edge of Control
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