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 Midnight Club Dub Edition Streets of LA

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Midnight Club Dub Edition Streets of LA Empty
PostSubject: Midnight Club Dub Edition Streets of LA   Midnight Club Dub Edition Streets of LA I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2008 6:15 pm

Joe here with another review. Let me first start by saying i was not a fan of the old versions of midnight club at all. but they certian caught my attention with this game. The Graphics i found to be impressive could definatley tell they used the same formatting as the saints row 2 graphics engine. As for the cars the had some realy nice choices in this game alot of favorites, and the bikes were a nice bonus. However im not impressed with the Amount of cars at all i mean theres thousands of differant cars in the world why should i have to pick from 50 or so. i want a game with them all, and it would add hundreds of hours worth of replayabilty . However the customization features are off the chain such as the color of the internel gauges in your dash internal /external neon lights, seats steering wheels , custom rims down to the material of the spoke sets and types of paint or chrome colors. Its nice to have options. The pink slip races are a nice challenge once entered reseting the game or nothing will save you from losing your cars if you dont win, the cruising through the streets is a nice feature to a racing game always a favortie. online play is awesome and lag free. and exactley the same as single player. If you like car games you should definatley peep this shit.
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Midnight Club Dub Edition Streets of LA
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