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 FALLOUT 3 >>>>>

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FALLOUT 3 >>>>> Empty
PostSubject: FALLOUT 3 >>>>>   FALLOUT 3 >>>>> I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2008 6:35 pm

I love everything about this game. If you played morrowind or two worlds . this game is set to that format. Its post Apocolyptic Wasington D.C. i mean first of all who doesnt want to see that? lol. If your i die hard RPG fan as i am please do not miss this game. start creating your charcter , placing your stats . and the amount of perks that yu unlock through this game and special stats is amazing compared to any RPG ive played yet to date, and as morrwind this game is wide open, explore what you want do what you want be a good charcter and help everyone or be a bad charcter and steal and kill shit, its up to you but that for one makes it replayable as shit. after all the flashbacks you exit vault 101 in search of your father and on the run from security and ther first town to the southeast is megatron while there you have the option to do a man a favor place a pulse generator on a live nuke the city is built around and these people are worshipping the shit like stephan kings the stand, lol . anyways if you choose to activate the bomb for the gentleman who ask when you meet him at ten penny tower you can detonate the nuke the scene from the tower balconey is one of the most unbeliavable things ive ever expercianced in a game and with the thousand dollors sorround i got it was simply amazing. check it out you an always save before yuou do it in case u change ur mind. this game hasa another nice feature to set it apart from other RPGS you can play this as a first or third person shooter which is fucking incrediable mixed with everything else and the amount of heads and limbs that fly and blood in this game is sure to be a fovortie with everyone. i beleive this game has set a trend for many games to follow in its path, as much as it is the same open world format as morrowind a slim few other games its in a leage of its own, if you are serious about gaming it up on some serious shit this game has everything.
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FALLOUT 3 >>>>>
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