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 END WAR >>>>>

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PostSubject: END WAR >>>>>   END WAR >>>>> I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2008 6:43 pm

This game is a RTS of sorts except theres no breaks till the battles over. this game is a first of its kind and highley impressed me. The actualley use live voice command to issue orders in this game. what do i mean you ask ? Trust me im more then happy to tell everyone should see this game and i do mean everyone its the first of its kind and has opened doors up to a whole new gaming enviorment . ever wonder what it would be like to actually be over seas giving the orders and issuing commands, this will give you a feel. There is bases set up through out the battle feild and each has a name such as foxtrot or charlie this is famliar yes? anyways you push r2 and speak into your mic orders such as " Unit 3 move to Foxtrot " and release r2 and they do that shit, or " Unit 5 attack hostile 2" and they do that shit. the graphics are amazing the battle is intense as shit and fast paced as fuck. the online mode is amazing it never stops even when you sign off, when you enter online you must choose a side USA , Russisa and something else. anyways then you drop into battles and fight for captials or terriortories and just cause your not playing and getting your ass kicked doesnt mean ur not losing terriortries anyways cuz the rest of the army is. If you dont have a good mic please get one before you play this game although it can be played without but it puts you at a serious disadvantage. to understand this game u must just see it.
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END WAR >>>>>
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