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PostSubject: NEED FOR SPEED UNDERCOVER!   NEED FOR SPEED UNDERCOVER! I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 6:23 pm

Altho i have not played the game online yet, I have been playing the actual game a lot. If you liked any of the other need for speeds you will like this one. it is a little bit different but it still has the cost of state missions, outrunning the cops missions, sprint, circuit, the one where you need to take the lead of you and one other racer and keep the lead, and some other new things. The Graphics are GREAT the cars are GREAT! modifying the car is close to the same... There is also a thing called driving experience or something like that....what it is if you do well driving and cretin driving techniques while racing and stuff a bar will rise up in precent in certain categories. For example, engine, suspension, nos and so on. What this does is help your car performance out without you having to buy upgrades for it if you dont have enough cash... Im not saying its a great difference or impact but it does help.
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PostSubject: Need For Speed Undercover   NEED FOR SPEED UNDERCOVER! I_icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 4:32 pm

Well i Finalley put some time into checking this game out. I liked it for the most part the cutscenes to the story line are Nice and shows off the true quality of the PS3s graphics engine. Yes there were alot of nice cars to play with on here and to my suprise even a ford escort cosworth . lol. Great Fun. There is plenty of races and activities to do once u learn how to fully operate the gps map as you go up in driver rank some races will only be able to be found under the available tab in the gps. the upgrades while fun i still find to be way to slim i mean with all the car games we have seen upgrades in cant we just get the all in one game. while the damage a little better in the NFS it is still purley cosmetic. I like real damage i want to be able to drop my transmission , unbalance alignement , blow the engine , blow tires i want it all. Anyway i put a few hours into online play the races where a bit glitchy as always with NFS and EA servers . But the have a side game i had alot of fun playing and in fact there is a trophy called the virus trophy that the only way to obtian it is by playing in a room with somone who has it . The game is called Cops and robbers two rounds each match one as the robber picking up the money and dropping it off at the check point and the other as the cops trying to stop the robbers from doing so. I played for a week straight and couldnt get this elusive trophy the game was alot of fun all around tho definatley worth renting cant wait for the next NFS is a favortite of mine always since underground wish they would make an underground 3 and bring back all the customization options from it.
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